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Samuel Brozina considers rising values among vintage aircraft

Samuel Brozina considers rising values among vintage aircraft

Samuel Brozina

Samuel Brozina

MILLVILLE, NJ, USA, June 17, 2020 /– Pilot Samuel Brozina, Millville, New Jersey, takes a closer look at the increasing prices now attracted by desirable aircraft from the past.

With values on the up, pilot Samuel Brozina says the market for vintage aircraft has never been more robust. Speaking from his home in Millville, New Jersey, the licensed pilot and landscaping company foreman provides an insight into the growing demand for aircraft from the past, and what this means for vintage aircraft values going forward.

“Certain aircraft from a bygone era have never been in higher demand,” reveals licensed pilot Samuel Brozina, “and prices are on the up and up as a result.”

Sales for late 2019 and early 2020 reflect values that have, perhaps, never been higher among vintage aircraft, according to Samuel Brozina. Brozina is a licensed pilot, landscaping company foreman, and lifelong resident of the Cumberland County city of Millville, around 40 miles south of Philadelphia.

Prices have increased steadily for the last few years, but as demand continues to outstrip supply as fewer and fewer vintage aircraft remain, Samuel Brozina is seeing values start to climb more sharply. Brozina anticipates, he says, a steeper and steeper increase in prices over the coming years.

Right now, prices range from around $25,000 for some of the most popular and readily available vintage aircraft. This is up approximately $5,000 from closer to $20,000 just a few short years ago, according to Samuel Brozina. “At the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, immaculate examples of the most desirable vintage aircraft can sell for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars,” adds the pilot and vintage aircraft enthusiast.

Lifelong aviation fan Samuel Brozina has previously spoken at length on topics including rare classic aircraft, the history of various aerospace and defense manufacturers, civil aviation, Millville Army Air Field Museum, his background volunteering as a Revolutionary War reenactor, and his broad range of other hobbies and interests. He’s also shared a look at the history of his home city, and offered a personal insight into life and work in Millville.

Samuel Brozina himself is the proud owner of an ERCO Ercoupe, a low-wing U.S. designed and built monoplane vintage aircraft, now out of production since the early 1970s. Brozina’s vintage aircraft was sourced from a seller conveniently located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, fewer than 100 miles from the licensed pilot’s Cumberland County home in Millville, New Jersey. A fan of the Ercoupe since childhood, Brozina acquired his own example for an undisclosed sum. “It’s a purchase of which I’m immensely proud,” adds Samuel.

So proud, in fact, is Samuel Brozina of his vintage ERCO Ercoupe that he’s even commissioned some of his very own merchandise. “With merchandise now long since out of production, much like the plane itself, I found items hard to come by,” he explains.

“It ultimately fell to me to produce one-of-a-kind pieces of my own,” adds Samuel Brozina, wrapping up, “including a lovely ERCO jacket patch, designed especially and manufactured as just one-of-one.”

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